Thai language program (Trimester System)

Thai Language
1 GEN64-011 Fundamental Thai
2 GEN64-111 Thai for Contemporary Communication
3 GEN64-112 Communication Techniques in Contemporary World
4 GEN64-021 Fundamental English
Foreign Languages
Core Foreign Languages
5 GEN64-121 English Communication Skills
6 GEN64-122 English Listening and Speaking
Elective Foreign Languages
English Language
7 GEN64-123 English Reading and Writing
8 GEN64-124 English Conversation Skills
9 GEN64-125 English for Presentation
10 GEN64-126 English for Academic Communication
Chinese Language
11 CHI64-121 Basic Chinese
12 CHI64-122 Chinese for Daily Life
13 CHI64-123 Chinese for Communication
Humanities and Social sciences
14 GEN64-131 Thai Civilization and Global Citizen
15 GEN64-132 Philosophy, Ethics and Critical Thinking
Science and Mathematics
16 GEN64-141 Knowledge Inquiry and Research Methods
17 GEN64-142 Environmental Conservation and Global Warming
Sport and Health
18 GEN64-151 Sports Recreation and Exercise for Health
19 GEN64-152 International Sports
20 GEN64-181 Football
21 GEN64-182 Futsal
22 GEN64-183 Basketball
23 GEN64-184 Volleyball
24 GEN64-185 Badminton
25 GEN64-186 Petanque
26 GEN64-187 Tennis
27 GEN64-188 Golf
28 GEN64-189 Swimming
Business and Entrepreneurship
29 GEN64-161 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
30 ECN64-161 Life and Economy in the Digital Era
31 ECN64-162 Business and New Normal
32 ECN64-163 Sustainable Development Goals
Information Technology
33 ITD64-171 Information Technology in Digital Era
Electronic Office
34 ITD64-172 Document Management Using Word Processing
35 ITD64-173 Electronic Spreadsheet Applications for Data Analysis
36 ITD64-174 Effective Presentation Design
Artificial Intelligence
37 ITD64-175 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Business
38 IMI64-171 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Health
39 COE64-171 Artificial Intelligence for Living and Working in Sciences and Technologies
40 COE64-172 Artificial Intelligence for Living and Working in Humanities and Social Sciences

International program (Trimester System)

An additional course for foreign students conducted by Walailak University International College.

Thai Language
1 GEN64-013E Thai for Foreigner